Egypt Showcases Ancient Coffin of Pharaonic Priest at Dubai Expo 2020

Thousands of tourists, archaeologists and enthusiast have been thronging the Egyptian pavilion at the ongoing Dubai Expo 2020, to witness the coffin of an ancient Egyptian priest uncovered last year.

This is the first time that the coloured Sarcophagus of Priest Psamik is on public display since its discovery in 2020.

The colourful coffin was among 27 colored wooden coffins that were dug up in Saqqara, south of the capital Cairo in last year.


The discovery of the Sarcophagi is believed by experts to be the largest of its kind in recent Egyptian history.

Saqqara which is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site, was an active burial ground for more than 2,500 years

Located around 30km, south of Cairo, Saqqara served as the necropolis for Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt, for millenia.

Also on display are modern replicas of the boy King Tutankhamun. They include King Tutankhamun golden mask, his own sarcophagus, the ‘Ka’ guardian statue of the king, the special festive chair as well as the golden king’s throne.

In recent months, Egypt has ramped up its promotion of its archaeological finds in a bid to revive its unique tourism destination that has been greatly hampered by Covid 19.

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