Ghanaian film shortlisted for a 2021 Academy Award.

A Ghanaian film, DA YIE, has been shortlisted for a 2021 Academy Award. 

The film tells the story of young Matilda and Prince who are taken on a life-changing trip by a stranger. 

Co-written by the talented emerging duo Anthony Nti and Chingiz Karibekov, DA YIE has garnered four Oscar-qualifying Grand Prize (Leuven Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, Indy Short International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival) amongst its 25 awards and 140 high profile film festivals selections. 

This film has been shortlisted for a 2021 Oscar.

The film is a Rondini – Caviar production that brought the Ghanaian diaspora and the local community together on set. DA YIE’s cast and crew is mainly Ghanaian.

Anthony Nti was born in Ghana and moved to Belgium where he studied film at the RITCS School of Arts in Brussels, becoming part of a colourful artistic scene, doing commercials and music videos with a multitude of talented young artists. 

His short, BOI, won Best Debut at Leuven FF. He directed episodes of the Ketnet-show ‘Hoodie’.

Anthony Nti and writer-producer Chingiz Karibekov, born in Karagandy, Kazakhstan met while studying film in Brussels. 

They realised at film school they might not share the typical Belgian outlook on life/film and started working as a creative duo. 

They co-wrote the miniseries, SHAQ, for VRT, which Anthony co-directed. Their feature-length film, POSTCARD, won second prize at the Sam Spiegel FilmLab. 

Their TV-series, CLEMENCEAU, was selected for Torino Series Lab. In 2020, they were listed as two of the most promising filmmakers in Belgium and Netherlands by the NRC, Dutch national newspaper. 

Their work is reflective of their diverse background, as they use their work to bring a variety of cultures to light. 

See the trailer of DA YIE below